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Bath Towel (Mocha)

5.0 (1 review)

$11.95 (Excl GST)

Combed Cotton, Colourfast, No Header and Double Stitched Hemming.100% Commercial Quality

Colour:   Camel
Size:        70 * 140 cm
Weight:   500 gm

The Bath Towel shade may vary from Batch to Batch.


Commercial Towels (Camel)

All prices are freight included

Our Collection of Coloured Commercial Towels are perfect for Hotel, Motel, Massage & Physio Therapy and Nursing Homes etc. They offer unsurpassed lint prevention, increased absorbency and come in large sizes.

Product Information: 100% Good Quality Cotton, No Header, Double Stitched Hemming, 100% Commercial Quality.

1 review for Bath Towel (Mocha)

  1. Ella Curry

    I’m pleasantly surprised with the quality of this towel. The camel colour is deeper and nicer than shown in the picture. It’s quick drying and and stay soft after the first washing. I hope it will continue to stay soft after many use and washing.

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